Unlock Your Dream Home Today! Don't Let High Interest Rates Hold You Back!


Hey future homeowners! Feeling the heat from rising interest rates? Take a deep breath. We've got low down payment options to help you secure that home, even in this challenging market.

Current Interest Rates

Right now, interest rates are at a 23-year high, with the average 30-year mortgage rate sitting at 7.98%, and the 30-year fixed FHA rate at 7.478%. But don't let these numbers push you away; there are ways to work around them.

Zero Down Programs

USDA Loans

  • Who's Eligible: Residents in rural areas, with some income restrictions
  • Perks: No down payment, minimal mortgage insurance

VA Loans

  • Who's Eligible: Veterans and active-duty military personnel
  • Perks: Zero down payment, no PMI

Guild Mortgage Zero Down

  • Who's Eligible: FHA borrowers
  • Perks: A second mortgage that covers both the down payment and closing costs.

Zillow Home Loans 1% Down

  • Who's Eligible: First-time homebuyers in Arizona (and expanding)
  • Perks: Zillow contributes 2% at closing, so you only need to put down 1%.

1% Down Programs

A few lenders still offer 1% down payment programs, a lifesaver if you can manage a small down payment but are hesitant due to high interest rates.

How It Works

  • You put down 1%
  • The lender adds another 2%
  • You start off with 3% equity in your new home

Why These Programs Are Your Best Bet

  • Lower Initial Costs: Zero or low down payments mean you can become a homeowner sooner.
  • Flexibility: High interest rates become less of a concern with low initial costs.
  • Quick Equity Build: Lender contributions in 1% down programs help you build equity faster.


High interest rates shouldn't be a roadblock to your dream of owning a home. With these low down payment programs, that dream is more achievable than ever.